Dukto goes on BlackBerry!

Lately there much work has been in progress on the mobile space for Dukto, and today I’m announcing a new step. Yes, because Marden Laairoy, starting from the open source code of Dukto, has just ported it to the new BlackBerry 10 Platform. It has required some work for Marden, but it is now available […]

Dukto updated for Lollipop release

Hello, just a quick update to inform many of you that are experiencing problems with the new Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update that a new release has been just sent to Google and will be available in few hours. This update will solve the Lollipop compatibility problem and also it will definitely remove the ads in […]

Dukto now available on Windows Phone!

Starting from now, the Windows Phone porting of Dukto is now available on the store for any Windows Phone 8.1 device. The client has been totally rewritten for the WinRT platform in order to work and integrate as possibile on the Windows Phone platform. You can find it HERE for free!

Dukto for Android is here!

Hello everybody! Today I have a big announcement for you: Dukto is now officially published on the Play Store for Android. You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.msec.dukto I tried my best to make it work flawlessly with any device, but I couldn’t do too much due to my very low free time and some limitations […]

Dukto for Android is coming…

Hi all, just a little update about the Android Dukto release. Since the removal of the old Android porting made by Eyecreate from the play store, I started an exploration to find out how much effort porting Dukto on Android would require, without having to rewrite everything in Java. But, first of all, I had to […]

Dukto R6 source code

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that I’ve finally found some time to publish Dukto R6’s source code. You can find it on the SVN repository of the Dukto google code page. This should let to some people create packages for currently unsupported or not updated distributions.

Dukto on Nokia Store updated

Since some days, all of you waiting for a Dukto update should have been notified by the Nokia store that an updated version that works with Symbian Belle Refresh and FP1 is available (marked as 5.2.1). The original problem was related to a regression bug in the new Qt for Symbian release, bundled with Symbian […]


This morning I’ve made some more tests about Dukto R5 on Belle Refresh/FP1. Since my local version works without problems, while the Store version doesn’t, I’m wondering if there has been some problem in the upload/validation/publishing process. So, I’ve compiled a new 5.2.1 release that I’ve just uploaded on the Nokia store. As for the […]

Fast update

As some of you already noticed, Dukto R5 v5.2.0 has been published on the Nokia Store, but for some reason I haven’t realized yet, it doesn’t solve the compatibility problem with Belle Refresh and FP1. Tomorrow I’ll make some more testing and debugging to understand why it doesn’t work as expected. Stay tuned for more […]

Update about Dukto on Belle FP1

As stated in my previous post, I’ve contacted Nokia Publish support some days ago to get some feedback about the Qt bug in Belle FP1/Refresh that prevented Dukto from working. Yesterday they confirmed me that it is really a bug, and opened a bug report (see here). Also, they provided me a workaroud to make […]