Software development

Update on Dukto UWP (Windows 10)

During the last month I’ve tried my best to upgrade Dukto in order to make it a Windows 10 UWP and solve the compatibility issues with the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 releases. Since my free time to dedicate to this project is very limited, it took me very much time to complete this […]

Window XP bugfix for R6

Some users reported that Dukto R6 doesn’t work on Windows XP; the problem has been identified and it is related to a new API used to correctly load the Windows 8 profile picture when an account is connected to a Microsoft Account. I’ve resolved the problem and new executables has been uploaded. So, if you […]

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 released!

Hi all! I’m happy to announce today that a new release of Dukto is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux! The new relese brings the following changes: Update Qt libraries for Windows and OS X (on Linux the distribution provides Qt libraries); Added new theme colors and a color picker to choose your […]

“No data” problem, update.

After some tests with the latest Qt “beta” release, I found that the “No data” problem was caused by some changes in the Qt file chooser dialog. I opened a bug ticket in the Qt bug tracker and now has been closed, so, when the new Qt release will be officially available, the problem won’t […]

“No data” problem

Some users reported me a problem with Symbian^3 about a “No data” message while trying to send files from phone. It appears to be a compatibility issue with the Qt version installed by Nokia Bubbles, that is a beta version of Qt 4.7. During these days I won’t be so much time at PC, but […]

Installation problems

Some of you are reporting me some installation problems. Actually I can’t do very much as the installer (Nokia smart installer) I used for Dukto is provided by Nokia, it’s the latest version and the only accepted by Nokia for the Ovi store. So, if you have any problem with it, you should contact Nokia […]

Speed issue solved

I think I’ve finally solved the speed issue that many of you have reported about Dukto R3 on Windows. It required some time, many tests with the help of some of you (many thanks!!!) as I couldn’t reproduce the issue here. After digging in the Qt source code I discovered where the issue was hidden. […]

Dukto development updates

Hello, during these days I’ve been quite busy for different reasons. Anyway, I’m writing this post to inform you about Dukto development progresses. My current development code has been modified as follows: Full unicode support, so you’ll be able to send and receive text messages with full unicode character set, and the same for filenames; […]

EcWin7 1.0.2 released

It’s now ready for download the release 1.0.2 of my EcWin7 library. It’s a bugfix release that solves some crashes and/or lockup under previous Windows vesions like XP or Vista. You can download it from the dukto project page Also, I’ll soon release a new version of Dukto for Windows (R3.1) updated with this new […]

Dukto now on Ovi Store!!!

Finally my porting of Dukto for Symbian is done, and also it has been published on the Ovi Store! It’s available for all Nokia touch devices with wifi support, Symbian S60 5th edition and Symbian^3. You can download it for free at Soon I’ll also commit last changes to the source code to have […]