Update on Dukto UWP (Windows 10)

During the last month I’ve tried my best to upgrade Dukto in order to make it a Windows 10 UWP and solve the compatibility issues with the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 releases. Since my free time to dedicate to this project is very limited, it took me very much time to complete this […]

Dukto R6

Dukto comes back to Meego

Hello everyone, just a quick note to let you know that Hedayat Vatankhah has just ported Dukto to Nokia N9 (based on the Meego OS). Even if this OS and device are not supported anymore by Nokia, it is always a good news when Dukto appears on a new platform! Here are some links: […]

Dukto packages for Slackware

Hello everybody! Even with some delay I here to notify all you Slackware users that one of you, Davide, has created some packages dedicated to this lovely distribution. You can find them here: (or here for the Italian version of the page:

Dukto for Android not available

During the last weeks I’ve received a high number of e-mails and comments about complaints for the Android port of Dukto. I can understand these complaints since the Dukto porting has been done working on a very initial port of the Qt framework for Android, more than a year ago. There are many problems with […]

Tian Media Transfer, welcome!

The developer Pham Trong, starting from Dukto source code, has created and released a new software named “Tian Media Transfer” that makes transfer multimedia files (like videos) from Symbian phone to PC easy. You can find the app here: Since Dukto source code is licensed with GPL2 license, also “Tian Media Transfer” code is […]

Dukto now on iPad

I’m very happy to announce that my friend Davide has updated his iOS app Dukto and now it supports the iPad platform in addition to iPhone. So, this is another platform supported by Dukto! You can find more information on his web site.

Window XP bugfix for R6

Some users reported that Dukto R6 doesn’t work on Windows XP; the problem has been identified and it is related to a new API used to correctly load the Windows 8 profile picture when an account is connected to a Microsoft Account. I’ve resolved the problem and new executables has been uploaded. So, if you […]

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 released!

Hi all! I’m happy to announce today that a new release of Dukto is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux! The new relese brings the following changes: Update Qt libraries for Windows and OS X (on Linux the distribution provides Qt libraries); Added new theme colors and a color picker to choose your […]

Dukto for iOS now available!

Hi all! I’m glad to announce that my friend and collegue Davide has just published on the App Store his Dukto app for iOS! The app is available as “Dukto” (free, ad-based) and “Dukto Pro” (pay, ad-free). The software has been completely rewritten by Davide in Objective-C for the iOS SDK, so it isn’t a […]

Dukto is back on the Nokia Store

I’ve just been contacted by Nokia store support and Dukto is now back again. So, if you were missing it, you can now download it. It isn’t a new update, but the R5 is coming fast!