Dukto R5 for OSX now available!

I’ve finally uploaded the R5 release of Dukto for OS X. I’m sorry for the delay, it took me some more time than usual because of the limited access to an OS X machine where develop and test, and also due to many other commitments, so the time I can dedicate to Dukto development is […]

Dukto R5 final release for Windows and Linux

UPDATE: corrected donwload link for R5 portable version for Windows. I’m happy to announce that I’ve just uploaded the last packages for the Dukto R5 final release. Following some suggestions, I’ve made some small changes since the beta release: sender can now “cancel” the file transfer; when a file transfer is complete, you can drag […]

Dukto R5 beta 1 for Linux

Finally the packages for Linux are ready for download. The target distributions are Ubuntu (and variants) 11.04 and 11.10, and Fedora 15 and 16. The reasons behind this selection are two: 1) they are the most used Linux distributions (along with their variants), and 2) I’ve experience only with these two packaging systems. The packages […]

Hear and Write for 5th edition

Just a quick post to point out that Hear and Write is now available on the store for Nokia Symbian 5th edition devices. As I couldn’t make in depth testing on these devices, can some of you can try it and report me if it’s all ok? Just for precision, it requires a network connection!

Hear and Write updated

I’ve just sent to the Ovi store an updated version of Hear and Write (named 1.1.0) with the following changes: SMS send bugfix: now contacts with full name (first and last name) are recognized when sending an SMS; Added the ability to make a web search with Google. I hope you’ll apreciate these small changes and […]