Dukto for iOS now available!

Hi all! I’m glad to announce that my friend and collegue Davide has just published on the App Store his Dukto app for iOS! The app is available as “Dukto” (free, ad-based) and “Dukto Pro” (pay, ad-free).

The software has been completely rewritten by Davide in Objective-C for the iOS SDK, so it isn’t a porting of the Qt desktop version like in the Symbian and other porting. This also means that the user interface and the feature set isn’t synced with the Desktop one, and adapts better to iOS user interface and guidelines.

You can find more information about Dukto for iOS here: http://www.tidal.it/dukto

Also, a complete story about the birth of Dukto is available on Davide’s web site.

I’m very happy and thankful to Davide for his hard work, I hope you’ll find it useful as well!


  • good,

    kaveh sepehrmanesh21 Aprile 2013

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