Dukto R6 released!

Hi all! I’m happy to announce today that a new release of Dukto is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux!

The new relese brings the following changes:

  • Update Qt libraries for Windows and OS X (on Linux the distribution provides Qt libraries);
  • Added new theme colors and a color picker to choose your personal color;
  • Added full support for iOS port (see Dukto for iOS project page);
  • Implemented avatar picture support for Windows 8;
  • Implemented full UTF-8 support for buddies’ name (previously it was only for text messages);
  • Rewritten data receiving routine that should definetly solve some random and seldom stall while receiving data.

The new release is available now on the Dukto project page.

I hope you’ll find this new release useful, even if it is just a minor release.


  • R6 have problem.
    R6 is not running under winxp. Dr.Watson is launched, and Event ID 4097 error in event viewer.
    please fix it.
    R5 don’t have problem.

    tsalta2 Marzo 2013
  • Well done, good job!
    Every non-western user was waiting for this UTF8 update ; )
    And I can tell you that there are also some news on iOS side!

    In the next few days I’ll let you know what’s happening…

    Davide3 Marzo 2013
  • @tsalta thanks for your report, I’ll work on a fix for this very soon. If you can contact me at the e-mail address shown here http://www.msec.it/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/dukto-email.png I can provide you some “test” builds.

    Emanuele3 Marzo 2013
  • @tsalta take a look here: http://www.msec.it/blog/?p=644

    Emanuele3 Marzo 2013
  • Plans to release an version for Windows Phone 8?

    In my N8 your software is very userfull, thanks!!

    Valter25 Aprile 2013
  • @Valter not at the moment.. also the WP platform forces many limitations on what apps can do, I should check for feasibility.

    Emanuele25 Aprile 2013
  • @Emanuele, i found this program in Windows Phone Market (http://www.windowsphone.com/pt-pt/store/app/transffr/4af4db0f-ceb6-4160-be1e-2c884eced7ee), but is not free like Dukto :), i not tested yet because my Lumia 920 not yet arrived.

    Valter28 Aprile 2013
  • @Valter I don’t known it, if I’ll work on a WP porting I’ll check it out

    Emanuele28 Aprile 2013
  • @Emanuele, any news about Dukto from Windows Phone? :)

    Valter11 Maggio 2013
  • @Valter since I own a WP7 device, I can’t do very much with it due to limits in the platform. If, in the future, I’ll get a WP8 device I’ll investigate the platform to see what you can do with it.

    Emanuele12 Maggio 2013
  • Gracie Tante

    Tepik29 Luglio 2013
  • Whenever I try to send something after ~30s of waiting I get message “Sorry an error has ocurred while sending your data… Error code: 7” on Windows 7 64bit, with firewall enabled and disabled.
    How can I fix it or where to ask for help?

    krzys4 Gennaio 2014
  • @krzys it usually depends on firewalling and antivirus software… I don’t know about other problems…

    Emanuele4 Gennaio 2014
  • j’ai eu un code 7 en envoyant un message de mon téléphone android vers un ordinateur sous windows 10.
    je suis allé créer une règle d’acceptation du trafic entrant pour Dukto dans Pare-Feu Windows et maintenant cela fonctionne
    à noter que sous un autre ordinateur sous windows 10, le Pare-Feu m’avait proposé spontanément de créer cette règle…
    Les ordinateurs ont chacun leur personnalité !
    Merci pour ce logiciel, très rapide et très pratique

    Rimbert-Pirot30 Gennaio 2016

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