Window XP bugfix for R6

Some users reported that Dukto R6 doesn’t work on Windows XP; the problem has been identified and it is related to a new API used to correctly load the Windows 8 profile picture when an account is connected to a Microsoft Account.

I’ve resolved the problem and new executables has been uploaded. So, if you trying to run R6 on Windows XP, please re-download Dukto R6 from the download page!


  • Thank you

    naser14 Marzo 2013
  • I’m using right now the portable version to tranfer a 7gb file from a win 7 laptop to a win xp desktop. A flawlessy procedure! Thank u so much!

    Kust0r26 Marzo 2013
  • please devlop dukto su that it can run in background…

    Washim7 Ottobre 2013
  • i have transferred 13GB of file in less than 1 hour from a PC with Win XP to a PC with Win 8, this software is wonderful!!!

    jinkazama82it16 Novembre 2013

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