Dukto for Android not available

During the last weeks I’ve received a high number of e-mails and comments about complaints for the Android port of Dukto. I can understand these complaints since the Dukto porting has been done working on a very initial port of the Qt framework for Android, more than a year ago. There are many problems with the installation process and with the very wide range of screen resolutions of android devices.
Also, the porting has been done by a developer interested in having Dukto on his device, and not by me. And the ported app hasn’t been updated since then, even if new Qt releases has evolved the Android support.
I’m very glad to this developer (Eyecreate) for his work; he also agreed with me to add a disclaimer in the app description stating that it isn’t developed and supported by me, but right now I can’t provide feedback to all the Android users that experience problems with Dukto on their devices and their respective e-mails… I’ve asked him to temporarly remove the app from the Play store; in the meanwhile we are trying to find a solution for this problem.


  • Grazie Emanuele per il tuo interessamento relativamente alla versione per Android : al momento in cui scrivo è stata rimossa dal Google Play. Non che la cosa mi faccia in se piacere evidentemente ma la versione che era disponibile davvero non rendeva giustizia la tuo ottimo lavoro.
    Mi auguro che presto si trovi una soluzione anche per Android: questa applicazione è davvero fantastica e potrebbe essere davvero … l’uovo di Colombo ! :-D

    Thanks Emanuele for your interest in relation to the Android version: at the time of writing the app has been removed from Google Play. Not that this likes to me but apparently the version that was available really did not did justice to your good work.
    I hope that soon we will find a solution for Android: this app is really great and really … it could be the egg of Columbus! :-D

    Luca S.7 Marzo 2014
  • tanku

    amir14 Marzo 2014

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