Dukto for Android is coming…

Hi all, just a little update about the Android Dukto release. Since the removal of the old Android porting made by Eyecreate from the play store, I started an exploration to find out how much effort porting Dukto on Android would require, without having to rewrite everything in Java. But, first of all, I had to get an Android device to work on, and then understand how to work on it…

After some test I can confirm that a port is possible thanks to the advancements of the Qt framework in the mobile space. So, I’ve started working on it. I have to introduce two points that need to be clear since the beginning:

  • the app won’t be a “native” Android app, where native is in the acception of Java/Dalvik app with UI created with Android standard widgets; instead, it will be “native” as it is developed in C++ ad so it should give some better performaces on the networking side.
  • the app won’t be fully supported, as there are so many devices out there, with many screen resolutions, form factors, android releases and OEM customizations. I’ll try to do my best but currently I can’t provide any support about compatibility.

I hope to provide soon an APK for download, and then publish it on the Play store. So, stay tuned for more updates!


  • Great news!
    I hope you will soon be able to publish this version for Android.
    Many thanks in advance!

    Luca S.2 Aprile 2014
  • dear hows it work on androide

    aftab alam5 Aprile 2014
  • Very great job !
    I’m waiting your android version with anxiously.
    If you need tester, I’m ready to test it on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

    Thank’s you


    slc668 Aprile 2014
  • @slc66 I’ll upload a beta release as soon as will be ready…

    Emanuele9 Aprile 2014
  • Do you have any plan to port clocksync to bb10?. Since BlackBerry also support Qt you can port without need to rewrite the whole code though I hope you could do natively . For your info someone using your clocksync icon and clocksync name in BlackBerry world. The app function is similar with clocksync but the ui is different

    traxx12 Aprile 2014
  • @traxx since I can’t get a bb10 device right now, I can’t work on it. Also, thanks for your tip about clocksync!

    Emanuele12 Aprile 2014
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your hard work and time, I’ve been using Dukto for a very long time and I really can’t thank you enough, please send me an email whenever you release the app on PlayStore, the time that I found Dukto on Apples AppStore I was happy that I didn’t die before seeing Dukto on iOS, and it was one of the 3 apps that I bought when I was able from AppStore, but the Android version was really lame, even though I still use it when I want to transfer files between my old Symbian Nokia 808 (because it’s the best for taking pics) and my new Samsung Note 3, and I wasn’t able to find other apps on PlayStore that is compatible with Symbian, so Dukto is still the best
    Thanks again

    AliRidha AlKazemi26 Aprile 2014
  • @AliRidha thanks! take a look on this web site in the coming weeks, or follow me on twitter to stay up to date!

    Emanuele26 Aprile 2014
  • Looking forward to the android version..

    ..and btw, what a pleasure to use Dukto – a totally no nonsense tool that just works – makes me smile :-)


    simon8 Maggio 2014
  • 非常期待adroid版的到来

    SDreamer11 Maggio 2014
  • You might remember me the guy asking for BlackBerry clock sync. I already manage to port my symbian app to BlackBerry in just few hours using Symbian component with little code changes. Because my app use symbian component I need to iron out some bug resize some png icon. If you app just use pure qt quick, it is much easier. If you want I can help you with porting. All you need is use qt creator 3.1 beta, create new projects, move all your qml files to new project directory, and modify the main.cpp. It is much simpler than i initially thought.

    traxx17 Maggio 2014
  • potresti inserire dukto android nei repo f-droid ?

    o avere a disposizione un “apk” per fare un istallazione manuale? grazie

    per chi non vuole o non può usare l’android market. es: pernsone che utilizzano mod di android ecc..

    utente italiano30 Giugno 2014
  • @utente italiano si, penso che potrei caricare l’APK direttamente sul sito, anche se ne sconsiglio vivamente l’utilizzo…

    Emanuele30 Giugno 2014

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