Dukto for Android is here!

Hello everybody! Today I have a big announcement for you: Dukto is now officially published on the Play Store for Android. You can find it here:


I tried my best to make it work flawlessly with any device, but I couldn’t do too much due to my very low free time and some limitations in current Qt support for Android. I hope this release will make you happy and you’ll find Dukto useful on your device.



  • Cool, thanks a lot! Could you post the .apk somehwere else (e. g. here) or consider submitting to https://f-droid.org/ for those of us who don’t use the Google Store? That would be awesome!

    jfml15 Maggio 2014
  • @jfml Thanks! I’ll publish the APK files on this web site as soon as I’ll have the Dukto R6 web page updated.

    Emanuele15 Maggio 2014
  • Awesome, thanks!

    jfml15 Maggio 2014
  • Finally! Great job! Thank you very much!

    If it were possible, in your free time, I would give the possibility to enlarge the font, and I would work on employment of memory: almost 26MB seem really too much … QT permitting ofc ;-) even sacrificing changing interface colors! That green you have chosen as default is beautiful!

    BTW Thank you so much again!

    LS18 Maggio 2014
  • @LS sorry about memory usage, but I think that the biggest part of the 26MB are because of Qt…

    Emanuele18 Maggio 2014
  • I have Ubuntu and Android and I was a problem. The apk downloaded by play store does not allow me to change the download folder always taking me “.”
    I need to change it to SD and I can not.
    Thanks for your attention.

    parry6819 Maggio 2014
  • @parry68 I’m going to fix it in an app update very soon! What is your SD path on Android? I thought it was “/sdcard”.

    Emanuele19 Maggio 2014
  • Sorry. I make ampliation data memory with Meteos for MTK processor 6589T and my primary memory is /sdcard1 or /. If I could change the folder, would not have any problem.

    Thanks for your time!

    parry6820 Maggio 2014
  • @parry68 I’m already working at it!

    Emanuele20 Maggio 2014
  • Good !
    Now you can change the destination directory for the received files !

    Is it possible to make changeable the font size of the interface ?
    I do not say by a slider but at least by 3 preset sizes let’s say : small, medium, large
    So this app would be practically perfect !
    Well except for memory occupation … but we know it is due to QT ;-)

    LS24 Maggio 2014
  • Hey Emanuelle,

    Dukto for Android works like a Charm, but I have to restart my device (Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3) every time to make the files show up in other apps like the gallery or google music.

    I googled this issue and found some answers on Stackoverflow.com. I hope they help you to fix this :)


    Demnogonis7 Giugno 2014
  • @Demnogonis thanks, I’ll take a look at it!

    Emanuele9 Giugno 2014
  • @Demnogonis it should now work with the today’s update!

    Emanuele18 Giugno 2014
  • It’s awesome but I would like Share menu Option on Android. Good Job.. It’s excelent

    DriverS18 Giugno 2014
  • @Emanuelle unfortunately it still doesn’t work. Received images for example are still invisible for every other app except dukto itself until I restart my phone. They are also invisible when I view my phones files via USB connection on my PC. However I can see them in duktos file browser.

    Demnogonis19 Giugno 2014
  • @Demnogonis I’m sorry… I’ve implemented the call as described and on my test phone it works… I don’t know how to make it better than this…

    Emanuele19 Giugno 2014
  • @Emanuelle
    I tested it on a friend’s phone and it worked.
    It seems that my phone with the unmodified android handles these things differently.
    Unfortunately google doesn’t ship updates for this model anymore.

    However you still made a great and useful app and restarting the phone from time to time is not that bad ;)

    Demnogonis20 Giugno 2014
  • @Demnogonis thank you for your report!

    Emanuele20 Giugno 2014
  • 非常感谢~他工作的很棒,高效快速,非常方便信息的流动

    Toscan8 Settembre 2014
  • Works great with Ubuntu 14.04 and Adroid. Thank you!

    Bee13 Settembre 2014
  • Thank you very much! Dukto is very good software!
    Please, May you place android-version to https://f-droid.org/ ? It is for people, who do not use Google Play (like me).
    One more – thank you very much for your awesome program!
    (and sorry for my english, I’m russian).

    buggy9 Dicembre 2014
  • @buggy I’ve received many requests about publishing the APKs on other places than Play Store. I’m waiting the new Qt release in few days to release an updated version, and I’ll publish it also on this website.

    Emanuele10 Dicembre 2014
  • @Emanuele
    Thank you very much for your quick answer and for your hard work!
    It is really good and helpfull application!

    buggy13 Dicembre 2014
  • Awesome hard work @Emanuele. If it’s possible would you please add exit/close button for user who wants to be inclusive from LAN network for a while? :)

    atoetoew24 Febbraio 2015
  • Super happy with Dukto on linux, but not working on tablet samsung smt210 with 4.4.2 kernel 3.5.5-2708044. Works perfect on smt230. Thankyou, Dukto is so stable & easy to use!

    Bob clark15 Ottobre 2015
  • Please make (update) Dukto for Android to show in Share Menu (options) – way more easier to send files, and why not text…

    Dukto Win/Android fan22 Febbraio 2016
  • Hi, just installed Dukto in my Android phone (Honor 7i with Android 6.0, not rooted) and my Mac (10.14.1).
    They connect, I can transfer a txt msg, but file transfers do not work (receiving Android says not complete, file may be damaged). Maybe Dukto cannot write in ‘/’ – but I cannot change the receiving folder, when I tap on change folder I get a blank screen and cannot chose anything.
    Any idea?

    Thanks, Igor

    Igor8 Novembre 2018

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