Dukto now available on Windows Phone!

Starting from now, the Windows Phone porting of Dukto is now available on the store for any Windows Phone 8.1 device. The client has been totally rewritten for the WinRT platform in order to work and integrate as possibile on the Windows Phone platform. You can find it HERE for free!


  • Can you *pleasepleaseplease* make the Android .apk available here or on F-Droid (or Github or whateva) for those of us who don’t have/want the Play Store?

    q____q22 Ottobre 2014
  • @q___q you’re right, I’m just waiting for the new Qt release that should fix some compatibility problems with some devices.

    Emanuele23 Ottobre 2014
  • Awesome!
    Absolutely awesome!
    My only wish is a version for Harmattan, then I would *really* have meego on all my devices at home :-)

    mika12324 Ottobre 2014
  • **then I would *really* have meego

    Yeah, obviously I meant Dukto, not meego.
    And I know you can’t develop an app for a device you don’t own by the way… don’t worry ;-)

    mika12324 Ottobre 2014
  • I’ve been waiting for this a long time… Thanks!!!

    lagos78829 Ottobre 2014
  • Not working on wp ,s internet sharing

    maaz10 Dicembre 2014
  • App fenomenale.. complimenti allo sviluppatore.
    Piccolo problema con Surface pro 3 (app scaricara dal microsoft store) e lumia 830 windows phone 8.1: dal surface vedo il lumia 830 mentre da telefono non vedo il surface pro 3 tra i dispositivi in rete (I’ve found no devices on this network yet..). Con dukto R6 questo non accadeva. Come risolvere?

    Peppe14 Settembre 2015
  • @Peppe per capire prova a fare un test disattivando il firewall di windows.

    Emanuele14 Settembre 2015

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