Dukto updated for Lollipop release

Hello, just a quick update to inform many of you that are experiencing problems with the new Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update that a new release has been just sent to Google and will be available in few hours. This update will solve the Lollipop compatibility problem and also it will definitely remove the ads in the app, making it completely free and ad-free.


  • You are great, man. Simply great! Thanks a lot again.

    LS3 Dicembre 2014
  • Please make (update) Dukto for Android to show in Share Menu (options) – way more easier to send files, and why not text…

    Dukto Win/Android fan22 Febbraio 2016
  • Thank you very much for your App Dukto, mobile & Pc ! Work well !

    Ralye29 Febbraio 2016
  • what a great idea you had. clients find each other, you send the files you want to the person you want. automatic security based on the desires of the participant with no need for passwords. If you want encryption? you do it yourself. personal repsonsibility is engaged. and so fast! thank you for your initiative.

    jay joffe19 Marzo 2016
  • I take a lot of photos, screenshots on my Samsung Galaxy Note5. As per ‘Dukto Win/Android fan’ please update Dukto for Android to support Simple Sharing ‘Share via’. I use Dukto for Windows every day but on Android the most convenient app I found is BitTorrent’s SYNC just because it supports Simple Sharing (and it works faster than Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. I’m confident Dukto for Android transfers files faster but it’s currently cumbersome to use.

    Jan Shim13 Aprile 2016
  • dukto non funziona su Samsung S7 Edge , soluzioni??

    franco23 Aprile 2016
  • Hallo, da es keine bessere oder gleichwertige app gibt, ist es schade das sie nicht auf dem galaxy s7/edge funktioniert.

    Edmund19 Luglio 2017
  • Please update the android Dukto app to enable use of external storage (such as SD Cards).

    Josh7 Gennaio 2018

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