Dukto goes on BlackBerry!

Lately there much work has been in progress on the mobile space for Dukto, and today I’m announcing a new step. Yes, because Marden Laairoy, starting from the open source code of Dukto, has just ported it to the new BlackBerry 10 Platform. It has required some work for Marden, but it is now available on App World: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59945056/

So, first of all, we have all to thank Marden for his work! Now, if you’ve got one of the supported BlackBerry devices go to the download link now! For any problem with this porting, please contact Marden.


  • Thanks! it realy work! but one problem: while transfer folder always error 1

    vadim2 Gennaio 2015
  • No BlackBerry PlayBook support? :(

    PlayBook3 Gennaio 2015
  • @vadim please check for your firewalling software.

    Emanuele4 Gennaio 2015
  • @PlayBook I don’t know, you have to contact the Dukto Blackberry developer.

    Emanuele4 Gennaio 2015
  • Blackberry Playbook support, please.

    Vladimir5 Gennaio 2015
  • It works well. Please have Dukto show as a share target on BB10! Active frame with an occasional progress indicator when transfers in progress would be great as well. Please consider. Many thanks!

    SG28 Febbraio 2015
  • Thanks for the app. Sharing files between my iPad and Z10 has become easier.

    TSK15 Marzo 2015
  • Prosím, Emanuele, udÄ›lej tvou aplikaci taky pro BlackBerry. Jen Ty dÄ›láš super Dukto, jinak se této skvÄ›lé aplikace nikdy nedočkáme. Marden Laairoy se mu asi nechce, jeho aplikace velmi nepovedená.
    Prosím, udělej to pro BlackBerry a jeho uživatele. Děkuji Freddy

    Freddy29 Marzo 2015
  • Its not working on my Samsung np500p54..please help

    Dennis2 Giugno 2015
  • I´m also having the error 1

    I use OSX and was working fine, I don´t use a Firewall.
    Uninstalled and installed again but the error continues.

    Could you please give me a hint what to do?

    Kind regards

    George20 Giugno 2015
  • @George do you have problems with Blackberry?

    Emanuele22 Giugno 2015
  • @Emmanuele

    Yes, it used to work (the dukto app) fine and suddenly I can only send files from my phone but not from my computer.

    George9 Luglio 2015
  • @George so try contacting the developer of the BB porting, maybe he could help you…

    Emanuele9 Luglio 2015
  • to avoid error 1, change the incoming folder in the options. And try again :)

    Neon9 Novembre 2015

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