Dukto R6

Dukto is one of my long-lived software project, it’s now at the 6th release, with many improvements over the previous versions. One of the main changes of this release is the new user interface inspired to the Metro style UI developed by Microsoft for the new releases of Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and all the other Microsoft products. Since I like the simplicity, the essentiality of this kind of UI, I’ve decided to make a new Dukto interface for all the supported platforms.

If you don’t know Dukto, I can tell you that it’s an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use. I use it in my everyday work to transfer files from one PC (or other device) to another, without worrying about users, permissions, operating systems, protocols, clients, servers and so on… Just start Dukto on the two PCs and transfer files and folders by dragging onto its window. That’s all.

Dukto main features are:

  • Simple user interface
  • No server or internet connection needed
  • Zero configuration
  • Clients auto-discovery
  • High speed file transfer
  • Multi-OS native support
  • Portable version available
  • Multi files and folders transfer
  • Transfers log
  • Send and receive text snippets (eg. useful for sending URLs)
  • Open received files directly from the application
  • Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicator
  • Show your IP addresses on the IP connection page
  • Full Unicode support
  • Metro style UI
  • Free and open source

Dukto is a free open source project, licensed under GPL. Official releases are made by me for the folliwing platforms:

  • Windows (XP or later)
  • OS X (10.6.x or later)
  • Linux (packaged for Ubuntu and Fedora)
  • Symbian (for Nokia touch phones)

Also there are porting made by other developers, like the following:

You can find the source code on the project page http://sourceforge.net/projects/dukto/ at SourceForge.net. Dukto has also been tested and certified by Softpedia, Brothersoft and GearDownload.

100% FREE award granted by Softpedia BrotherSoft Editor's Pick
Download from GearDownload.com This program has been awarded five stars by our editors.
Download from RockyBytes Download from RockyBytes
Windows compatible

Installer for Windows (EXE)

Portable version (ZIP)

Windows Store (UWP)

Mac OS X compatible

DMG Package for
Intel 10.6.x or later

Linux compatible

Go to Linux download page

play Dukto for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and now on Windows 10 UWP is available on the Windows Store!
play Dukto for Android is available on the Google Play Store for any ARM or x86 device with Android 2.3 or higher!
Dukto for Symbian is available on the Nokia Store for the supported Nokia Symbian touch devices. UPDATE: not available anymore.

If you need help or you simply want to contact me, please leave a comment here or send an e-mail to:

e-mail address


  • 12 febbraio 2016

    […] Dukto for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS […]

  • Hi, I really like your app but I am facing a problem. I have a windows tablet, a macbook and an android phone. When I lunch your application it discovers all devices in the android and windows app, but it does not discover anything in the mac app, I need to type the IP every time. I tried with firewall off and I got the same results.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Jor Rog14 febbraio 2016
  • Same result here on Ubuntu 14.04.No firewall.Only on this laptop.
    Other devices without problems.

    Can you help me?

    Fosssy17 febbraio 2016
  • Will there be also a Debian packages?

    Marek Turnovec23 febbraio 2016
  • Hello,

    Dukto isn’t in the F-droid catalogue and I don’t see an apk link? Will Dukto run under Replicant (www.Replicant.us)?

    mfunction24 febbraio 2016
  • perfect for sharing files between lumia phone and iMac…great app

    djuzla26 febbraio 2016
  • Eccellente software! :-D

    Leeo97one26 febbraio 2016
  • please add the possibility to accept or reject files from others

    aboudi27 febbraio 2016
  • Will there be a version of this app available for Chrome OS?

    Mark28 febbraio 2016
  • Is it possible to integrate Dukto on Android in the “share”-menu in the android file browser and gallery? Something like “share via Dukto” and than selecting the device I want to send the file.

    Dukto is an awsome piece of software by the way, congratulations and thank you for sharing it with us.


    John28 febbraio 2016
  • 29 febbraio 2016

    […] ιστοσελίδα του είναι εδώ και μπορείτε να το κατεβάσετε από εκεί. Υπάρχουν […]

  • Maximum file transfer is 3.7GB , error code 7 appeared, how to solve this problem ? thank you.

    Trung5 marzo 2016
  • 14 marzo 2016

    […] Dukto is a multi-platform tool which means there are a ton of download sources for the app. Obviously, since we’re talking about the Windows version we’re only going to provide the location for the Windows install. However, if you have an Android, iOS, or alternate platform computer you can find the download links on the official developer’s website. […]

  • 23 marzo 2016

    […] and install Dukto program for your PC or Mac and to your Xiaomi Mi […]

  • It’s != its

    Jouni "rautamiekka" Järvinen23 marzo 2016
  • I have connected two linux mint 17.3 rosa laptops. But showing error number 7.
    How can i solve the issue?

    Shajan Varghese24 marzo 2016
  • Thank you for this great app !
    Is there a way to select several targets to send files to them at the same time ?

    Thomas Fleith30 marzo 2016
  • 31 marzo 2016

    […] Dukto, que así se llama el programa que hoy vamos a ver, es una herramienta de transferencia de archivos diseñada especialmente para las redes locales o redes LAN. Creada por Emanuele Colombo, como un proyecto personal, decidió ponerlo a disposición de todos de forma gratuita, catalogado como open source bajo licencia GPL y que ha conseguido llegar a su sexta versión con muchas mejoras. […]

  • Please upload the symbian version (mine is Nokia Asha 311) because Nokia App Store is down since 2014

    Trizunix2 aprile 2016
  • Thank you for this app. I use it in every device. But in my new SGS7 with Android 6 it doesn’t work, crashes at the start. All permissions are given, it even created the Dukto folder, but still crashes… Please make a fix.

    Andrew S.4 aprile 2016
  • 4 aprile 2016

    […] Download Dukto on Android, iOS and you Computer (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) […]

  • 4 aprile 2016

    […] Download tại đây: http://www.msec.it/blog/?page_id=11 […]

  • 4 aprile 2016

    […] è completamente gratuita, senza alcun limite sulla grandezza dei file, ma sulla pagina del progetto sono ben accette le […]

  • We are waiting for a new version of dukto for android that support “share via dukto”

    alireza5 aprile 2016
  • Shit is cash man, but could really do with a ‘save to sd card’ option on android. I couldnt navigate there thorugh the directory.

    Cheers boss.

    Zac9 aprile 2016
  • Hi Emanuele, amazing app, thank you! I’d like to donate, but don’t understand the Paypal site in Italian. Could you please give me a hint how to display it in English?

    John16 aprile 2016
  • @John please retry now…

    Emanuele17 aprile 2016
  • @Emanuele Worked, thanks!

    John18 aprile 2016
  • Error code 5 ?

    Uwe Hoferichter19 aprile 2016
  • 22 aprile 2016

    […] Dukto – 开源、跨平台局域网文件传输软件。 […]

  • @Jay and all those suddenly can’t send file or msg because of Error code 7.

    Just restart the Wifi Router, so it refresh the whole network, it become fine again.

    it happens to me one day, I tried all the network settings, only found out that, simple restart wifi router to refresh the whole network getting it back to work again.

    shining22 aprile 2016
  • 26 aprile 2016

    […] Puede descargarlo directamente de la pagina de su creador: http://www.msec.it/blog/?page_id=11 […]

  • 28 aprile 2016

    […] Website: dukto […]

  • Nice tool, thanks a lot !

    Waielbi28 aprile 2016
  • NICE App!!

    HI.. I get an error code 2 and sometimes error code 1 when trying to send files from Android to Windows 8.1

    Please help

    Chigoh10 maggio 2016
  • Wating for windows 10 mobile and pc apps

    mostafa11 maggio 2016
  • great great great app …. i ever seen n download n use

    very handy…

    thanks to developer of this app

    Yash Desai18 maggio 2016
  • thanks

    back2all`29 maggio 2016
  • Hello
    error code 1

    sending file from windows 7 with firewall disabled to dukto last version on blackberry OS 10 (both OS and dukto are latest version)

    can you kindly hint?


    Roberto31 maggio 2016
  • Hello
    I have a crazy solution for the blackberry isseu above

    The blackberry is one of the “latest” is Q20 blackberry classic with latest official update

    I’ve removed the Dukto installed from blackberry world
    I’ve installed the android apk

    … it works O_o ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Ok it works, that matters, but maybe you have to review your android version ….

    Roberto31 maggio 2016
  • About what above … solution seemed to work

    progressbar seemed to work, it worked too

    it progresses on both the computer and on the blackberry

    Dukto on the blackberry ends up with the file said to be received and also the file name appears in the “recent” tabalso the “from” information is correct and also the file size…

    I have setup dukto to save the files on the sd card in the available “Download” directory

    but unfortunately in the sd card in the “Download” directory there is nothing

    Roberto31 maggio 2016
  • installing in Ubuntu 16.04…… I keep getting error message when i run apt-get update

    W: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/colomboem/xUbuntu_16.04/Release.gpg: Signature by key 1A2E38D61775C3963A039A87E3757B8E0D988D6E uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

    carter1 giugno 2016
  • A beautifully made app that’s as simple to use as it’s well-designed. Makes file transfers a breeze between phones and PCs, without the hassle of a USB cable. I simple LOVE the elegant and simple interface!

    For those who have problems transferring files from the phone to the PC, try disabling the firewall, if there’s one in your PC. In my case, files could be transferred from my Symbian Nokia N8 to my Windows 7 PC, but not vice versa. I temporarily disabled the firewall in my PC, and the transfer worked just fine after that.

    Great work!

    BADJAG3 giugno 2016
  • Forgot to add: the error message displayed in the above situation (my previous message) is as follows:

    Error Code 5

    Just thought that adding this extra information would make it easier to search for those facing a similar problem. :)

    BADJAG3 giugno 2016
  • 5 giugno 2016

    […] Autor : Emanuele Colombo […]

  • 6 giugno 2016

    […] Dukto R6 | Raw material – Dukto is a free open source project, licensed under GPL. Official releases are made by me for the folliwing platforms: Windows (XP or later) OS X (10.6.x or later) […]

  • 13 giugno 2016

    […] If you don’t know Dukto, it’s an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use. You can use it in everyday work to transfer files from one PC (or other device) to another, without worrying about users, permissions, operating systems, protocols, clients, servers and so on… Just start Dukto on the two PCs and transfer files and folders by dragging onto it’s window. That’s all. Mac OS X / Linux / Windows downloads: http://www.msec.it/blog/?page_id=11 […]

  • Hi,

    your debian repository key has expired

    Geroge2 luglio 2016
  • Wonderful software! The cross-platform feature is something you cannot get in other similar softwares.
    I have used to transfer, photos, songs and even huge movie files across, phones, laptops and desktops.
    While, it works without any problem in Ubuntu, there is one problem I face while sending files from Android phone. When I want to send files from an Android device, in the browser to choose files to send, there is no way to sort files by one’s choice, say by date. For example, I want to send three pics clicked in the phone, but to choose them, I have to scroll down a thousand files to find these! While many times I am able to do it, a novice user simply cannot do it, that too just by looking at the cryptic long file names of photo files. So, the feature that might help this problem might be:
    1. Have an option to sort the file by latest first
    2. In Android when one selects a few files in the Android photo gallery or a file browser, and choose “share”, it displays a list of apps which one wants to use to share the selected files. At present, it does not include Dukto. It would be nice if Dukto can be integrated with Android to display Dukto in the list of apps. Then one can just choose Dukto, and then choose the receiver of the files.

    Tabish6 luglio 2016
  • 12 luglio 2016

    […] Výrobce: Emanuele Colombo Verze Android: 2.3 a vyšší Hardwarové požadavky: Nejsou Cena aplikace: Zdarma Odkaz na Google Play: Dukto – PC program + verze pro další platformy (stránka výrobce) […]

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