Other Symbian software

In this page you’ll find all the software I developed for Symbian except Dukto. I’ve developed these software mainly for fun, in my spare time. I can’t provide full support for them, but I hope you’ll find them useful! You can download all these apps from the Ovi Store.

Clock Sync

This is my first experiment with QML; I’ve tried to recreate an UI simple and intuitive, using different directions for every aciton to make the user understande “where” he is in the application. I think it’s a valid solution and I’ll try to use again it in the future.

The application is a simple NTP client, so it can contact NTP servers on Internet (or in your local network) and get the current and correct date and time. Then you can chose if correct your clock time or no.

The application requires network connection to work.

Some screenshot here:

Hear and Write

When I discovered that Google had a simple web service (undocumented) for speech-to-text operations, I thinked about the possibility to create a Symbian client for it.

This application is nothing more than a voice recorder and encoder; then the recording is sent to Google servers when their software translates it to text. This is exactly the same mechanism used on Android phones, and it is even the same web service.

When the text is received by the application it automatically copies it to the clipboard, so you can go into your preferred application and paste it. Addidionally, I’ve added the ability to send text messages without copy and paste the text. Just configure the keywords you want to use to make the “SMS command”, and say the recipient and the text to send.

The application requires network connection to work as it needs to contact Google servers.

NOTE: as this application depends on a Google undocumented web service, it could stop working in any time. In this situation, I’ll make what in my power to correct it to make it work again but I can’t provide any assurance about it.

Some screenshot here:


  • Bravissimo! però devo dire due cose su hear and write:
    non mi funziona l’invio di sms…praticamente non riconosce le parole chiave, nemmeno cambiandole dalle opzioni…
    in più volevo suggerire uno sviluppo ulteriore dell’applicazione: trasformarla in tastiera con il pulsantino per dettare…in modo da averla ovunque, non di fare un copia-incolla…come la tastiera android praticamente…penso si possa fare altrimenti swype non funzionerebbe ovunque no?
    ok questo è chiedere troppo, lo so…
    allora propongo un’altra cosa, ancora più utile volendo…la tua applicazione è molto simile a vlingo…su android esiste vlingo InCar…sono mesi che aspetto e gli rompo le balle di far uscire vlingo InCar anche per symbian…mi sa che fai prima a farla tu :-)

    ah, poi visto che sei uno dei pochi sviluppatori italiani che sa fare il suo mestiere…riesci a farlo tu un ebook reader che legge epub uguale a quello per iphone e android? magari non lento come quei pochi aborti che si trovano in rete? :-) io pagherei anche 3-5€ per un ebook reader degno di questo nome!

    Gitano4 Settembre 2011
  • Hello Emanuele,

    thanks a lot for the app “clock sync”. As my Nokia C7 loses aprox. 1 Minute a week, this is really helpful. I hope it will still work with Anna. I want to migrate as soon as it is available.
    Do you know if there is way to run the app automatically once a day?

    Thanks, :-)Kim

    Kim5 Settembre 2011
  • @Kim Thanks to you, I think it will work with Anna (I haven’t tested it yet…). As I don’t like applications that automatically start, you’ll have to run it yourself from time to time… :-)

    Emanuele5 Settembre 2011
  • I have tested “Hear and write” on Nokia C7-00 (Symbian ^3 Anna). It’s a great piece of software!
    I’d like to suggest a possible improvement to implement in this software: as far as I understand, H&W sends a limited length package of voice data to Google voice recognition service and receives a piece of text as a feedback, and then pastes the text into text output window, and this text is being overwritten upon next recording event, so my suggestion is to eliminate the overwriting and let H&W simply accumulate the text input time by time and thus allow user to dictate larger pieces of text.

    Stanislav27 Settembre 2011
  • Su Hear and Write
    funziona molto bene il riconoscimento
    Nelle impostazioni; ci vorrebbe la funzione che permetta di scegiere l’invio automatico o “manuale” dell’sms (ev. anche per poterlo completare
    (attualmente spedisce automaticamente e non vi è la possibilità di vedere cosa si spedisce)


    Enrico10 Ottobre 2011
  • Hi!

    Great software on my N8!
    Is it possible to make build for N9 (MeeGoo/Harmattan), since SyncClock is written in Qt?


    Kresimir14 Novembre 2011
  • Hi,
    Clock Sync app is very nice,
    But it keeps N8 WIFI ON all time, even after exit,
    I removed it to save batterie life,

    please update it.

    david19 Novembre 2011
  • @david It’s strange, it doesn’t happen on my C7.

    Emanuele19 Novembre 2011
  • Is it possible to add dutch to hear and write or isn’t there a dutch service of the google speech-to-text engine?

    Giovanni13 Dicembre 2011
  • Man u’re the best! I just loved your software. They’re very usefull. Thank you :D

    @acpessanha13 Dicembre 2011
  • @Giovanni I’ll take a look into it! I’ll contact you at your e-mail address for some language help.

    Emanuele13 Dicembre 2011
  • Hi :

    Mansour6 Gennaio 2012
  • Hi :
    My . Mobil . Nokia N8-00
    Tankns Again

    Mansour6 Gennaio 2012
  • Thanks for all apps. Excellence Job !

    Nazmi Kral-Turkey18 Febbraio 2012
  • why dont u make a video player supporting everything not supported in default nokia player like mpg,rmvb,flv,ac3

    maaan20 Febbraio 2012
  • @maaan I leave this task to some other developer…

    Emanuele20 Febbraio 2012
  • 25 Febbraio 2012

    […] Other Symbian software | Raw materialI have tested “Hear and write” on Nokia C7-00 (Symbian ^3 Anna). It’s a great piece of software! I’d like to suggest a possible improvement to implement in this … […]

  • Thank you for your program Here and Write. Works great. Please add “Google Translate vocal command” in addition to SMS and Search commands – it would be very useful to use Google translate service

    Denis6 Aprile 2012
  • Thank You Bro :)


    hakan27 Maggio 2012
  • some sms automatically who stop this sms

    vinod11 Luglio 2012
  • model n8

    vinod11 Luglio 2012
  • dukto: eccezionale (win xp e ubuntu)
    clock: non mi funziona con rete mobile ma solo via wi-fi
    E & W: non mi funziona l’invio sms
    soluzioni possibili?
    (nokia N8 belle)

    carlo19 Luglio 2012
  • Ciao
    L’applicazione funziona alla grande su Nokia C7 (PR1 e Belle), ma non in lingua polacca (Polonia, un paese così grande, che vengono prodotte le auto FIAT).

    Bogdan3 Agosto 2012
  • Hello man. Whats up!!!!
    Thank you bro for your app Dukto.
    Can i modify you app dukto under the liscence?

    error80430 Agosto 2012
  • @error804 yes, you can modify the source code as long as you release your changes with GPL license. You can find the source code in the Dukto SVN repo.

    Emanuele30 Agosto 2012
  • Good apps.

    About Hear and Write. I think it would be better if SMS created (with destination and text) but not sending automatically.

    mihsun14 Settembre 2012
  • ClockSync crashes on Sync on my Nokia e7 Belle((

    radio30330 Settembre 2012
  • oops, corrected the NTP servers and on the 2md correction it works! thanks! for Russia the list of servers is here http://habrahabr.ru/post/118266/ on the bottom of the page

    radio30330 Settembre 2012
  • Hi, great app this Dukto, how can I change the destination folder in my Pc since always receive it in Program files, Thanks.

    Destination folder4 Ottobre 2012
  • If you are using Dukto R5 you can change it in the settings page; you can reach the settings page from the icon in the low-right corner of the Dukto window.

    Emanuele4 Ottobre 2012
  • I’ve done that already, but it doesn’t save it and each time I open Dukto I have to change the destination folder, thanks anyway

    Sylvia5 Ottobre 2012
  • mükemmelsin :)

    hakan11 Dicembre 2012
  • Thank you for the great software. I use it on a Nokia 808 Pureview running Mohican 1.1 (113.010.1508) Belle fp2.

    Hear & Write: Search works really well. Voice recognition works well… but SMS client won’t launch for me.

    Dukto: Works great on my phone. Maybe someday we can minimize the PC app to the system tray.

    AK9 Marzo 2013
  • very nice soft u got here. Shame that symbian is dead, u got really good immagination to create programs like these.

    Pablo13 Aprile 2013
  • Very good appication. But if text is russian functions SMS and WEB search not right run send code chars.

    alexmaxpeter22 Aprile 2013
  • solo tengo que Decir… Bravo!!!

    Tepik29 Luglio 2013
  • Te felicito mi amigo que buenas apps simbian espero que sigas en su desarollo!. ademas ducto tambien es un proyecto muy bueno y de utilidad.!!!

    isaac5 Ottobre 2013
  • thangs

    sunil23 Ottobre 2013
  • Hello Emanuele
    Can you add support for Polish language? if possible please you to add.

    Mateusz13 Novembre 2013
  • Thanks for ClockSync. How hard to add a once-per-week auto feature?
    Vodafone NZ sends the wrong time to my phone (by nearly 4 minutes), so having this app will hopefully fix my problems.

    mike24 Aprile 2014
  • @mike sorry but I’ve abandoned Symbian development since Nokia switched to Windows Phone…

    Emanuele24 Aprile 2014
  • Thanks for ClockSync. Very useful app.

    Adam25 Settembre 2014
  • Hear & Write now didn’t work for me. Am I not alone?
    I think the reason is Google web service.

    Mihail17 Ottobre 2014
  • ClockSync would be very useful, but for some reason on my Noka 808 PureView it rarely work. Usually the first attempt will get an error on Syncing… position saying to try again or something, the second attempt will always crash the application after few moments of waiting on Syncing… position. I tried with several ntp servers, no difference. But from time to time (say, once every 30-40 tries) it happens it works on first attempt.


    secarica7 Maggio 2015
  • hola Emanuele
    with Heartfelt Greetings from Hamburgo
    ~~~ ~~~
    much Respect and Thanks for clockSync.
    Using it daily, when changing batteries..

    Would You please consider to provide the sourceCode,
    so people can change it for their personal use
    ~~~ ~~~

    marc15 Agosto 2015
  • Solución luego de muerte de ovistore

    http://tianpham.blogspot.cl/2015/07/tian-media-transfer-free-download-now.html (Clon de DUKTO R6)


    Héctor Venegas V.1 Ottobre 2015
  • How to change a save folder in mobile, Please let me know.

    jilani8 Ottobre 2015
  • Sir, Kindly let me know, how to change the save folder in mobile for the App Dukto.
    & its one of the best App I had ever been experienced.

    jilani8 Ottobre 2015

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