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I’m a software developer and engineer, I like study and work with many technologies, but what I like at most is make something that people can use and find useful!

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  • when i connect my symbian dukto client to the other ducto client such as on windows, linux, or mac, it connects successfully but it shows the one client as many times, for example i connect to my laptop sukh at windows it shows the many other clients as same name whether their’s only one client.

    Sukhpreet Singh29 Agosto 2012
  • @Sukhpreet Singh it appears to be a network problem. Is your laptop connected to the network with cable and WiFi at the same time? This could be the cause of this problem.

    Emanuele29 Agosto 2012
  • Thanks for dukto ! It’s an awesome software !

    Casuals5921 Ottobre 2012
  • Hi!

    Thank you for Dukto, I loved this amazing app! It is tunning up my file transfers and URL pasting! ;)

    Anderson Nakassawa Pires9 Dicembre 2012
  • thanK u for Dukto

    I have one problem,

    I have nokia 603
    how can i set up network connection in my phone so that i can share data with other using dukto software

    setu22 Dicembre 2012
  • Thanks for an amazing software!

    I have been able to transfer files between BlackBerry PlayBook and Android phone. However when try to connect either of them to my desktop running Windows 7 (Ultimate) I am repeatedly getting “Error Code 5”. Can you please let me know what could be the problem.


    Vaidya2 Gennaio 2013
  • @Vaidya do you have any firewalling software on your PC? Try disabling any security or firewalling tool, included Windows firewall.

    Emanuele2 Gennaio 2013
  • Hello Emanuele Colombo!

    I want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work you have put into this application. I use it on my Blackberry Tablet, my Ubuntu desktop computers, Ubuntu Laptop computers, and my one Windows netbook. Your application has become my perfect companion and friend for file transfer. I rely on it every day. I very much want to make a financial contribution (I encourage EVERYONE who uses the program “DUKTO” to do the same).
    I’m a little hesitant sending money via the internet with my debit card.
    I do not have a bank account – other than my green dot debit card.
    Is there another way to send money to you?
    Perhaps a money-order by postal mail?
    I will gladly send you a U.S. Post Office Money Order if you reply to my email address with an address I can mail it to.

    Thank you for an fantastic program, please keep up the great work!


    Dr. Clifford D. Van Ness, PhD.
    Spokane, WA
    United States of America

    Cliff Van Ness2 Marzo 2013
  • Thank you for the software.

    That would be great if we could see the bitrate of the transfert.

    pavalo6 Maggio 2013
  • Hello!

    I wanted to know, if the the data transfered between the dukto-clients is encrypted?
    As I am not a software developer but a security engineer it is not possible for me to get these information from the source code. I came across this question, as I am here in a free unencrypted WLAN. So if there were no encryption between the dukto-clients it is no big deal to capture my data on transfer.

    Thanks in advance,

    woger20 Maggio 2013
  • @woger No, data isn’t encrypted as Dukto has been designed to be used in trusted networks.

    Emanuele20 Maggio 2013
  • this is a gorgeous program for n00b like me! I’m trasferring 4gb on a lan without no effort at all.
    Let me offer a beer for this little piece of programming beauty!

    Kust0r1 Giugno 2013
  • @Kust0r thanks!

    Emanuele2 Giugno 2013
  • devlop dukto so that it runs in background for windows..

    Washim7 Ottobre 2013
  • I love your software. is in your plans a Windows Phone 8 version? I love Nokia ,now Microsoft phones.

    Welington23 Ottobre 2013
  • @Welington I’d like but currently I don’t have enough free time for a WP8 or W8 porting…

    Emanuele23 Ottobre 2013
  • Dear Dukto
    I am N8 user who is using Dukto with satisfaction.

    Just a pinch of salt makes a dish perfect similarly just add dukto in the ‘send via’menu of symbian os.
    Since Nokia is closing the store this last update via make users with more satisfaction…

    Note : the feature I am talking about will help users to mark items from gallery and use the send via option to open dukto to handle the files transfer


    Vivin NL1 Dicembre 2013
  • @Vivin NL thanks for your feedback, but I’m not working anymore on the Symbian porting since the platform has been dropped by Nokia and the development tools are quite old now…

    Emanuele2 Dicembre 2013
  • Hi, I’ve got a problem on my S4 mini using Dukto with Android 4.2.2. It asked me to install Ministro’s libraries, but after the installation I can’t modify the directory for the download. I would to set a directory in the sd card to move it a big amount of data, but the screen that appear is without words and I can’t recognize the folders, I can read only “Computer”, “DCIM” and “files” directories from the left menu. How can I do to save my files to the sd card? On my Nokia N8-00 with Symbian Belle I haven’t any problem to change the folder, it’s very fast and simple to change it. How can I do in the Android phone? Thank You!!!
    P.S.: I hope You understand my bad english. The DUKTO app is a wonderful utility!

    Simbazz6 Dicembre 2013
  • @Simbazz thakns for your feedback bus I’m not the developer of the Android porting so I think you should contact the developer linked on th play store app page.

    Emanuele9 Dicembre 2013
  • hi,

    Thank a lot for your job: Dukto is my favourite solution to transfert any file between my Nokia E7 or any other device (and reverse too of course ;) !!

    I have a wish: it is possible to include a waiting list? If i want transfert some lot of file but not in once, a have to wait the first transfert finished to beging the next…



    menehan16 Febbraio 2014
  • Hi,

    thanks a lots for you works !!
    I’m exited to try on my network feature :D

    Thanks, againe, that a amazing idea and great for us x)


    Pepper9 Marzo 2014
  • Hi Emanuele, how are you?

    First of all thank you for your incredible work. The Dukto has been the most convenient and fastest way to transmit files among different devices, can’t work without it.

    The only thing for me is I am using a 13 MBP with retina display, so all the icons seem like not so delicate. And if you need, I think I can find someone to draw the new icons for retina display.

    Thank you so much.


    Eddie14 Marzo 2014
  • Hi! Thanks a lot for your software.
    How can i translate it to spanish?

    roberor25 Marzo 2014
  • @roberor I think I’ll make a post about translation in the next days on this site.

    Emanuele26 Marzo 2014
  • Thank’s for dukto it’s a very usefull software. Now my parents can share some files betwen their pc !

    Good job

    damien644030 Marzo 2014
  • Hi Emanuele, First of all thank you for your incredible work. but i am facing a problem regarding connectivity. i nstall dukto 6 on both pc they are not connected to each other via ethernet. ethernet driver is also install but they not connect to each other. would you like to help me.

    SHABBIR2 Aprile 2014
  • @SHABBIR please try disabling firewalling and Antivirus software on both PCs

    Emanuele3 Aprile 2014
  • Hello ! I have 3 PCs in my home. Backing up data was a headache ! Windows’ programs for LAN transfer are a complet failure and nuisance ! I tried to find a program that overcomes all the issues. It was a very difficult task since your program isn’t getting the required attention and marketing ! Especially being FREE :) So, somehow, I did find your Dukto program which is an OUTSTANDING program !!! It’s simple UI, it’s drag and drop feature, it’s 100% succes rate make it top notch ! You, sir, are a great programmer ! Now backing up data between my 3 home PCs has never been so fast and easy ! I’m so excited about this program which makes our digital lives easier… I recommend it to all of my friends !!!

    PS: If you could add a pause button to the transfer sequence, it would be glorious :)

    Thank you!

    Greetz from Romania !

    Chris Dinvi28 Aprile 2014
  • I really like dukto, but I would like to add groups and have an option for auto or manual accepting files.

    Couu20 Settembre 2014
  • I like your app. Its the best and Easiest I have yet used. It would be better if you could add more features like getting the running apps and adding media control thing which would be much appreciated.

    Mridul24 Settembre 2014
  • i am using dukto on my NOKIA 700 and PC having window 8.1 and i am very much satisfied with it…………….This is the best wifi fie sharing apps till now, which i found……………………Thanks dukto.

    Munna Sharma16 Ottobre 2014
  • Error code 2 on winphone?

    Jeff Jefferson9 Novembre 2014
  • @Jeff check your firewall!

    Emanuele10 Novembre 2014
  • Hola tengo pc con windows y linux, y la aplicacion funciona perfecto, ahora el problema es que no lo puedo usar en mi celular, tengo android 2.3.6 con procesador armv6 es un motorola xt303 me podrias ayudar dar alguna solucion? gracias…

    Maxy4 Gennaio 2015
  • @Maxy I think Android armv6 isn’t supported right now…

    Emanuele5 Gennaio 2015
  • hello, Emanuele!

    I met Dukto and was what I was looking for!

    this program is fantastic, congratulations!

    it would be interesting if you add three things to Dukto:
    minimize to tray, translations or options to translate and start with windows.

    thank you for attention!

    note: automatic translation google

    Edinho23 Febbraio 2015
  • Great app. Thank you

    behpo30 Marzo 2015
  • dukto is a great program something definately worth the time you have put into it, thank you.

    will we see a R7 in the near future it has been a while since R6 was released and like many people who love this software an update with new features would be awesome.

    Thanks for all your hard work

    glenn16 Maggio 2015
  • @glenn right now I’m not working on the R7, even if I’ve received many feature requests. I’ll work again on it as soon as I’ll have some free time to dedicate to it.

    Emanuele18 Maggio 2015
  • Dukto v5.02(1) apps overlaps with Opera Mobile v12.00(2258).

    nucar449 Giugno 2015
  • Dukto v5.02(1) may be updated for Symbian?


    -Dukto overlaps with Opera Mobile.
    -After working Dukto, Opera Mobile does not open.

    nucar449 Giugno 2015
  • I hope there is a solution. :(( Thank you for your interest in advance….

    nucar449 Giugno 2015
  • @nucar44 no, actually there will be no more releases of Dukto for Symbian.

    Emanuele9 Giugno 2015
  • Sir,
    Please develop dukto r6 for puppy linux

    Thank You

    skd22 Giugno 2015
  • Sir,
    Please add options like

    1.minimize to tray,
    2.close to tray,
    3.Boot / system startup.

    skd22 Giugno 2015
  • is posible a local chat for dukto ? …. maybe local file synchronization too?

    many thaks :)

    xavier26 Giugno 2015
  • 2 words.. “FUCKING AWESOME”.. I just got threw fixing a customers laptop.. had 160GB of back up.. your software ( wired directly from mine to his).. like almost instantaneous transfer. I am SOOOOOOOOOO impressed… never thought it was possible. Thanks million dude… saved me a crap load of time!!!


    Randy11 Agosto 2015
  • http://devloop.users.sourceforge.net/index.php?article121/dukto-recherche-de-vulnerabilites-et-exploitation

    Dukto est un outil très utile mais souffre d’une vulnérabilité de traversée d’arborescence qui devrait être colmatée.
    Les autres vulnérabilités sont moins intéressantes et sont liées à un choix du développeur d’utiliser un protocole simple et pourtant efficace”.

    Google translate :
    “Dukto is a very useful tool, but suffers from a tree traversal vulnerability that should be plugged.
    The other vulnerabilities are less interesting and are linked to a choice of developer to use a simple and yet effective protocol”.


    I’m using Xfce and Dukto finally allows me to share my home network.
    I thank you !

    Do you will edit Dukto to eliminate this vulnerability?

    toto29 Agosto 2015
  • I’d like to petition for a Puppy Linux (Slackware) version. I currently use/prefer Dukto to Bittorrent Sync. I use it on Android, Windows, GNU/Linux and Windows Phone. Great product.

    I button for quick ‘copy’ and ‘delete’ text message would be nice.

    M3 Dicembre 2015

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