Dukto R6 source code

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that I’ve finally found some time to publish Dukto R6’s source code. You can find it on the SVN repository of the Dukto google code page. This should let to some people create packages for currently unsupported or not updated distributions.

Dukto now on iPad

I’m very happy to announce that my friend Davide has updated his iOS app Dukto and now it supports the iPad platform in addition to iPhone. So, this is another platform supported by Dukto! You can find more information on his web site.

Window XP bugfix for R6

Some users reported that Dukto R6 doesn’t work on Windows XP; the problem has been identified and it is related to a new API used to correctly load the Windows 8 profile picture when an account is connected to a Microsoft Account. I’ve resolved the problem and new executables has been uploaded. So, if you […]

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 released!

Hi all! I’m happy to announce today that a new release of Dukto is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux! The new relese brings the following changes: Update Qt libraries for Windows and OS X (on Linux the distribution provides Qt libraries); Added new theme colors and a color picker to choose your […]

Dukto for iOS now available!

Hi all! I’m glad to announce that my friend and collegue Davide has just published on the App Store his Dukto app for iOS! The app is available as “Dukto” (free, ad-based) and “Dukto Pro” (pay, ad-free). The software has been completely rewritten by Davide in Objective-C for the iOS SDK, so it isn’t a […]

Dukto on Nokia Store updated

Since some days, all of you waiting for a Dukto update should have been notified by the Nokia store that an updated version that works with Symbian Belle Refresh and FP1 is available (marked as 5.2.1). The original problem was related to a regression bug in the new Qt for Symbian release, bundled with Symbian […]


This morning I’ve made some more tests about Dukto R5 on Belle Refresh/FP1. Since my local version works without problems, while the Store version doesn’t, I’m wondering if there has been some problem in the upload/validation/publishing process. So, I’ve compiled a new 5.2.1 release that I’ve just uploaded on the Nokia store. As for the […]

Fast update

As some of you already noticed, Dukto R5 v5.2.0 has been published on the Nokia Store, but for some reason I haven’t realized yet, it doesn’t solve the compatibility problem with Belle Refresh and FP1. Tomorrow I’ll make some more testing and debugging to understand why it doesn’t work as expected. Stay tuned for more […]

Update about Dukto on Belle FP1

As stated in my previous post, I’ve contacted Nokia Publish support some days ago to get some feedback about the Qt bug in Belle FP1/Refresh that prevented Dukto from working. Yesterday they confirmed me that it is really a bug, and opened a bug report (see here). Also, they provided me a workaroud to make […]

Dukto not working on Belle FP1

Some days ago Nokia has released a sofware update for Symbian Belle that updates some system components to the same version used in Nokia 808 Pureview. Some users already told me, in the past, that on the 808 Dukto wasn’t working, but I’ve been busy in the last months and I didn’t worked on it […]