Update on Dukto UWP (Windows 10)

During the last month I’ve tried my best to upgrade Dukto in order to make it a Windows 10 UWP and solve the compatibility issues with the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 releases.

Since my free time to dedicate to this project is very limited, it took me very much time to complete this effort. Right now the application sports all the features of the original desktop app, but it also shows up some bugs here and there. Currently I have no more free time to dedicate to this project so, at the moment, I’ve published the UWP version with a not too high quality standard. This is all I can do right now. If the quality of this app is not up to your needs, please don’t use it.

There are some users that doesn’t understand this very well, and demand that I work free of charge for them, in order to satisfy their needs, even for cosmetic changes. They asked me to not publish the app at all if I can’t provide a professional-grade support even for a free app. I don’t talk about help requests, or intelligent suggestions, but just bad feedback about how to make the app like their want/need.

So, starting from today, I’ve set Dukto as an hidden app on the Windows Store, so you’ll be able to install in only through the following link. When installed, you’ll get all the updates (if I’ll release any) like a normal app on the store.

Click here to install Dukto from the Windows Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9WZDNCRDD007

Thanks for your time and your interest in this project!


  • I really admire your effort and hard work. I keep this app from my Noki N8 Symbian am delighted your app. Today I have a Lumia. thank you for bringing this app to UWP (Windows 10) … here’s my problem. I update since the app does not open more. reinstall and still open … I have a Lumia 950 with 10.0.10586.545 win. (Use google translator)

    elias16 Agosto 2016
  • Dukto is the best file transfer app i even used. It is fast and stable. Thanks for your hard work.

    leven v22 Agosto 2016
  • 27 Agosto 2016

    […] spiega Emanuele Colombo (sviluppatore che stimo dai tempi di Symbian sui vecchi Nokia!) nel suo blog ufficiale, l’applicazione è stata sì aggiornata, ma per varie ragioni ha deciso di non renderla […]

  • Gracias por tu trabajo, uso dukto desde symbian, una lastima que ya no tengas el tiempo para seguir con el desarrollo de esta aplicación tan útil, quedo muy inestable la versión en la tienda, se cierra al tratar de enviar archivos, hay que hacerlo rápido, le tengo un gran cariño a esta aplicación por tantos años de uso que le he dado.

    Quike Sánchez12 Settembre 2016
  • i download .exe file of dukto for windows 10 and install it. But i can not send files to my windows 10. Please reply.

    Ziaur Rahman19 Settembre 2016
  • Gracias por tu esfuerzo y dedicación.
    Esperamos que algún día puedas terminar esta maravillosa app.
    Un saludo!

    Romarinho22 Novembre 2016
  • Excellent and i love it to much .. it transfer files by a cable as a space rocket .. i love it and recommend it to every one want to transfer data using a cable
    5 Star sure

    ismail8 Febbraio 2017
  • Ciao, che ne dici di mettere il codice sorgente su github in maniera ufficiale?
    Forse da li più sviluppatori potrebbero contribuire rispetto a sourceforge…

    Grazie mille per questa app…
    Veramente molto utile! :)

    Fabrizio16 Ottobre 2017
  • Your work is really appreciating

    Akhil Krishnan19 Settembre 2018
  • I want to install it on window XP system. but showing errors.
    kindly advise. please

    damola10 Dicembre 2018
  • Hi, I am glad to have a simple app like Dukto but there is one thing I would change. When transferring files between computers, a new file takes a date of transfer instead of preserving the original date (of creation). Last year I moved all data to my new PC through Dukto and now I have all files from 22.9.2017 which is bad, I don’t know what time were files really made (esp. not good for data files). It’s more than a year ago, maybe there were some progress … ?

    Premysl Pavka3 Gennaio 2019
  • I am French and I thank you for your work. This application is great even if it starts to have a lot of bug … Maybe you should work with other developers?


    Je suis Français et je vous remercie pour votre travail. Cette application est génial même si elle commence à avoir beaucoup de bug… Peut-être devriez vous travaillez avec d’autres développeurs ?

    glweb15 Aprile 2019

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