Dukto R6

Dukto is one of my long-lived software project, it’s now at the 6th release, with many improvements over the previous versions. One of the main changes of this release is the new user interface inspired to the Metro style UI developed by Microsoft for the new releases of Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and all the other Microsoft products. Since I like the simplicity, the essentiality of this kind of UI, I’ve decided to make a new Dukto interface for all the supported platforms.

If you don’t know Dukto, I can tell you that it’s an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use. I use it in my everyday work to transfer files from one PC (or other device) to another, without worrying about users, permissions, operating systems, protocols, clients, servers and so on… Just start Dukto on the two PCs and transfer files and folders by dragging onto it’s window. That’s all.

Dukto main features are:

  • Simple user interface
  • No server or internet connection needed
  • Zero configuration
  • Clients auto-discovery
  • High speed file transfer
  • Multi-OS native support
  • Portable version available
  • Multi files and folders transfer
  • Transfers log
  • Send and receive text snippets (eg. useful for sending URLs)
  • Open received files directly from the application
  • Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicator
  • Show your IP addresses on the IP connection page
  • Full Unicode support
  • Metro style UI
  • Free and open source

Dukto is a free open source project, licensed under GPL. Official releases are made by me for the folliwing platforms:

  • Windows (XP or later)
  • OS X (10.6.x or later)
  • Linux (packaged for Ubuntu and Fedora)
  • Symbian (for Nokia touch phones)

Also there are porting made by other developers, like the following:

You can find the source code on the project page http://dukto.googlecode.com/ at google code. Dukto has also been tested and certified by Softpedia, Brothersoft and GearDownload.

100% FREE award granted by Softpedia BrotherSoft Editor's Pick
Download from GearDownload.com This program has been awarded five stars by our editors.
Windows compatible

Installer for Windows (EXE)

Portable version (ZIP)

Mac OS X compatible

DMG Package for
Intel 10.6.x or later

Linux compatible

Go to Linux download page

Dukto for Symbian is available on the Nokia Store for the supported Nokia Symbian touch devices.

If you need help or you simply want to contact me, please leave a comment here or send an e-mail to:

e-mail address


  • @MichaelP see my reply to Tangyuy problem :-)

    Emanuele13 marzo 2014
  • Thank you for creating Dukto, I use it on my Linux machines on my home network (after I have “allowed” it in my firewall settings) and I find it very useful and well-designed.

    It would be good if there was an option to run Dukto minimised to the system tray (and to start it minimised to the system tray also). Another good feature would be to have a configurable sound for when new content is received via Dukto from another user on the network.

    Best Regards,


    itsjustarumour14 marzo 2014
  • @Emanuele Awesome! It works super fine =D

    Tanguy17 marzo 2014
  • I enjoy this program, it is almost perfect. I agree with itsjustarumour it would be awesome if you could minimize to the system tray and start it to the system tray. If these both happen I would say this program would be 100% perfect. I use it to send tools to my 2k12 Server from my Win7 box. This program makes it so easy to just do quick transfers so I dont have to set up special SMB shares.


    Alex17 marzo 2014
  • спасибо все заработало,чудная программка ))

    ошибка21 marzo 2014
  • Emanuele – I live Dukto! What a great product and so easy to use!

    I recently used Dukto to transfer a large amount of small files from a Windows/XP machine to a Windows/7 machine. Ran into two small problems which maybe can be addressed in the next release:

    1) All the files on the destination PC had the current time and date stamp on the file. The original time and date stamp on the file was lost in the transfer.

    2) Some of my folders contained windows “shortcuts”. Dukto would not copy these. Got an error message and entire file transfer stopped.

    Otherwise, perfect! Thank you so much for continuing to develop this product!

    Andy23 marzo 2014
  • Seems to work seamlessly between PC (win 8.1) and portable (win 7).

    JJ23 marzo 2014
  • @Andy 1) yes, I know. If you have to move files without loosing date and time stamp, I suggest to zip or tar the files and then send the archive. 2) I know about shortcuts, that’s one of the problems of developing multi-platform software… Anyway, many thanks for your feedback!!!

    Emanuele23 marzo 2014
  • the software worked but now it shows me an error code 5, what does it mean, what can I do to solve this?
    (between mac OSX 10.9.2 and W7 sp1)

    Thanks in advance

    Polux24 marzo 2014
  • @Polux please try checking your firewalling settings on both ends, and also read/write permissions on local devices.

    Emanuele24 marzo 2014
  • Thanks for your job Emanuele,
    do you have any other link for android. Dukto is not on the playstore!

    peg26 marzo 2014
  • @peg please take a look here: http://www.msec.it/blog/?p=693

    Emanuele26 marzo 2014
  • 29 marzo 2014

    […] Dukto cuenta con una interfaz bastante sencilla la cual ayudará a todo usuario que intente realizar transferencias de archivos a través de su programa. Uno de los beneficios de esta herramienta es el hecho de que no exige límite alguno en relación al tamaño de los archivos, por lo que cualquier usuario tiene la posibilidad de transferir todos los datos que requiera. […]

  • I need the version for android

    yuba2 aprile 2014
  • @yuba the old android version in not available anymore, a new android version will be released soon. Just stay tuned!

    Emanuele2 aprile 2014
  • Great app! Has great synergy with Mouse Without Borders, whose clipboard sharing can be unreliable. Cheers.

    drhouse3 aprile 2014
  • Wonderful! I have 5 computers on my LAN (1 Win XP, 2 Win 7, 1 Win 8, 1 Linux Mint) and I can now send a file from any one to any other one. And it is so simple to use…

    Papydom3 aprile 2014
  • Thank you for this amazing program~
    i use it at home alot but is it possible to make it starts up when windows starts and runs in the background in the notification area cause i really would love it if my family members send’s me anything any time so they don’t have to ask me to open it, also when i want to send i don’t have to ask them c: .

    Kaylee5 aprile 2014
  • @Kyalee thanks for your feedback! I’ll consider it for the future, but I can’t promise you anything…

    Emanuele6 aprile 2014
  • Very great job !
    I’m waiting your android version with anxiously.
    Thank’s you


    slc668 aprile 2014
  • Minimize to system tray would make this program a must have for me.

    Mat9 aprile 2014
  • Hi emanuele,

    Dukto is a fantastic app, I already used it with symbian OS, but now I use a Windows phone and much to the chagrin, I noticed that does not exist this great application for WP 8.

    Could you tell me if in the future will never released this app for WP?

    many thanks

    Luca9 aprile 2014
  • @Luca thanks Luca for your feedback. Currently I don’t have much free time, but I’ll take a look at WP8.1 to understand what I can do without too much effort.

    Emanuele9 aprile 2014
  • Dukto is an amazing app which i use on all my computers to send very quick files to my phones!
    Im waiting for a version for windows 8 phone if possible.
    I now live in an area with no good internet connection and transferring files from my phone to my laptop and vice versa is even more than needed!

    stats10 aprile 2014
  • @stats I’m not working on it right now, we’ll see in the future… I can’t promise anything.

    Emanuele10 aprile 2014
  • Its understandable! If one day happens i will be grateful! Thanks for your reply Emanuele.

    stats11 aprile 2014
  • hello, somebody please help me. i am using window 8.1 single language. so i created a wifi connection with my joikuspot premium on my nokia 700 handset and with this i connected my pc. on i pc i follow the command prompt to connect my pc over wifi with my nokia 700 handset. I installed dukto on my pc as well as on my nokia 700 hanset. now problem is i am able to send file from my laptop (pc) to my handset but i cant send file from my nokia 700 to my pc. please help me.

    Munna Kumar Sharma15 aprile 2014
  • @Munna I’ve already replied to you via email.

    Emanuele15 aprile 2014

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