Dukto R6 Linux page

You can install Dukto on your Ubuntu-based or Fedora-based distribution using one of the following methods:

  • Manually downloading packages (DEB or RPM);
  • Adding Dukto package repository to your system.

Currently the supported distributions are:

  • Ubuntu and derivates (11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10);
  • Fedora and derivates (16, 17, 18);

If your distribution a release after the supported ones, please try the packages and repositories of the latest supported (Ubuntu 12.10 or Fedora 18).

To proceed with either of the two methods, click here.


  • Hi, great soft!!, it solve me a lot of problem sharing files between different devices.

    Do you plan a Repository for Ubuntu 12.04?

    Thanks for this great Soft!

    FErArg16 agosto 2012
  • @FErArg Thanks! I’ll work on updated distros if I’ll find some free time in the near future… :-)

    Emanuele16 agosto 2012
  • Great!! i hope it can supply ArchLinux

    LokiRF6 settembre 2012
  • @LokiRF actually I can’t package Dukto for every Linux distribution… If someone is interested in packaging it and can provide me some download links I can put them on this web page.

    Emanuele6 settembre 2012
  • That’s amaing , I like it.

    firo21 ottobre 2012
  • hi !

    very interresting stuff !
    it would be nice to have ubuntu 12.04 version is it possible to use sources and compile it ?
    sorry i am not very good at this and will need detailed instructions !

    thanks a lot gracie mille

    apog25 ottobre 2012
  • @apog I think that packages for previous Ubuntu releases should work also on 12.04. Anyway, I’ll publish new packages for newer Ubuntu releases in the future, but I don’t know when…

    Emanuele25 ottobre 2012
  • Works on ubuntu 12.10. If you made the linux source code available anyone could compile it for their own distro.


    richard2 dicembre 2012
  • Hi, I’m using ubuntu 10.04 , I download source code but found no makefile, also no install/Readem, can anyone tell me how co compile these sources ?

    ben18 dicembre 2012
  • @ben you should use qmake from Qt libraries.

    Emanuele18 dicembre 2012
  • Thank you for your great software and for support also my favorite OS: Linux!

    Gaetano25 gennaio 2013
  • Thanks for supporting Linux. If I can collaborate with your software (I’m a translator) let me know. That’s my way to give back at least a little to the software I find useful ;)

    Fitoschido23 febbraio 2013
  • I must tell You many-many thanks for the soft. … I keep using Linux and X6 :) … perfect work. (Will You write ver. 5 for symbian too? :) )

    PasiC25 febbraio 2013
  • @PasiC thanks to you! R5 for Symbian is already available but only on Symbian Belle… I’m sorry but I’m not going to work on Symbian for new releases.

    Emanuele25 febbraio 2013
  • Unfortunately symbian’s going to be dead … so my next phone will an android based one ;-)

    PasiC28 febbraio 2013
  • Per openSuse 12.2 64Bit si deve procedere nel seguente modo:

    Da console digitare le seguenti 2 linee di comando:

    1) sudo cd /etc/zypp/repos.d/
    2) sudo wget http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:colomboem/Fedora_18/home:colomboem.repo

    Avviare Yast e Gestione pacchetti
    Selezionare ed installare i pacchetti:
    – dukto
    – dukto-debuginfo

    (Ma non potrebbe eesere fatta la pacchettizzazione anche per openSuse?)

    Comunque sei un grande :-))

    Deutscher Linux13 marzo 2013
  • @Deutscher Linux ti contatto in privato…

    Emanuele13 marzo 2013
  • Emanuele,

    I just want to say thank you again. The last time I emailed you and we discussed some code details I was so impressed with you skill and generosity to the community and world at large.

    I hope the money I sent you helped in some small way. I know that $50.00 US may not be that much- considering all the work you have done. But I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your work. I hope everyone has a chance to send you some money- even a little bit as a way of supporting you and saying “Thank You”.

    I now use your “DUKTO” on every computing device in my family.
    On my Blackberry Tablet
    On my wife’s Android Smart phone.
    Both of my children’s laptops and netbooks.
    Also, on our “Mini-X” Android device that is connected to our 55″ LCD TV in our family room.

    That’s why I sent you the $50.00.
    I figured that $10 for each device times 5 devices equals $50.

    I hope you consider that a fair price.

    I encourage EVERYONE who finds this program (DUKTO) as useful as we do- to please thank Emanuele by making a donation however you can for as much as you feel the program is worth. I use it nearly everyday. And without the hard work and commitment by you (and folks like you) we would not have such great applications and programs available to us for our needs.

    Again, Thank You,

    Cliff Van Ness
    Spokane, Washington

    Cliff Van Ness11 ottobre 2013
  • @Cliff Thank you Cliff for your post and for supporting my efforts!

    Emanuele12 ottobre 2013
  • hi,
    why it doesn’t work well on Ubuntu13.04 ? alawys error! has bug?

    larry22 ottobre 2013
  • @larry I don’t know, I can’t test it at the moment… I think I’ll update supported distros in the coming months.

    Emanuele22 ottobre 2013
  • Thank you for your great software.
    Gracias mil, for support Linux.

    Working on Ubuntu 13.10.

    cristHian Gz.5 marzo 2014
  • Hi,
    I installed it successfully on my ubuntu 13.10 laptop.
    But, even with Qt libs downloaded and Ministro installed, I can’t use it on my Archos 97b platinum tablet, running Android 4.2.2, kernel 3.0.36+. It asks me to “Accept” the disclaimer, but I have no button to accept it.
    That’s a pity :(

    Snipe20045 marzo 2014
  • @Snipe2004 Android porting is unofficial and not supported. If you have problems with it, please contact the publisher of the app on the Play Store. I’m sorry about this problem…

    Emanuele5 marzo 2014
  • Hi,

    I followed the instructions on for adding the Ubuntu repository. Before doing “apt-get update”, I also followed the optional instructions for adding the repo’s key. But then, when I finally did “apt-get update”, I got the following error message “W: GPG error: http://download.opensuse.org Release: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1388349798″. I suppose you just have to update your expired key. If that is the case, would you let me know when you make new keys, so that I can, very anal as I am, stop getting these messages whenever I do “apt-get update”?

    thanks for the great piece of software. I am looking forward to trying it out.


    Rafael Nonato6 marzo 2014
  • @Rafael I’ll take a look at it! Thanks!

    Emanuele6 marzo 2014
  • hi, I run into your site today, tried to download the Fedora version (I am using F20 as of now) following instructions with WGET on your page http://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home:colomboem&package=dukto, but I only got (I only copy output errors):
    Risoluzione di download (download)… fallito: Nome o servizio sconosciuto.
    wget: impossibile risolvere l’indirizzo dell’host “download”
    Risoluzione di download (download)… fallito: Nome o servizio sconosciuto.
    wget: impossibile risolvere l’indirizzo dell’host “download” (twice)
    Risoluzione di download (download)… fallito: Nome o servizio sconosciuto.
    wget: impossibile risolvere l’indirizzo dell’host “download”
    However, I grabbed the RPM and installed it.
    I’ll let you know how it fares.
    By now, thanks for your efforts.

    Alex26 maggio 2014
  • Hi
    I used dukto before without any problems but when I install fedora didn’t work . I can send file but I can resive any file from any where .
    when I start dukto in terminal this error appear:
    qrc:/qml/dukto/BuddyListElement.qml:74:16: QML Image: Cannot open file:///: Path is a directory
    How can I fix it and what’s problem
    Thanks for helpfull program

    hawrre28 agosto 2014
  • @hawrre please contact me at the email address showin in the Dukto web page, we’ll try to understand where the problem is.

    Emanuele28 agosto 2014
  • @Emanuele thanks for quick answer .
    I send email to dukto at msec .

    hawrre28 agosto 2014
  • Thanks!

    Thegeko30 novembre 2014
  • Wonderful little, useful program, Emanuele. Many thanks!

    davide14 marzo 2016
  • On Arch Linux this package is available in the AUR, from a third party provider. This is great!

    [I doubt it’ll get to the extra/ repo though..]

    Paul Olaru10 giugno 2016
  • Hello,

    on Ubuntu (16.04 and 15.10) I get the KEYEXPIRED 1466769448 GPG error. I believe you just have to update the key. Sadly I dont want to install it like this, please fix! :)
    I would be happy if you would let me know, when your done?
    Many thanks!

    Fred10 luglio 2016
  • Hi there,

    I am using Ubuntu (Linux Qiana 17 ) and have installed manually the dukto package.
    On my android telephone I have also installed Dukto

    The telephone recongnizes my computer.

    Strangely, when I try to send something from one device to the other it doesn’t work and I get an error code 5 instead.

    What have I done wrong ?

    Many thanks for your help


    Jean Antelme17 ottobre 2017

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