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I’m a software developer and engineer, I like study and work with many technologies, but what I like at most is make something that people can use and find useful!

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  • http://askubuntu.com/questions/725974/how-can-i-receive-files-on-ubuntu-via-dukto-app-from-my-android-device

    I have Ubuntu 14.04 on my PC, and I installed DUKTO app on both it and my Android device. I can receive files from my PC, but I can’t receive files going to my PC.

    I entered my PC’s IP to the app on my Android, but it just sends for a long time after giving an error about sending the files.

    Why is this happening? How to fix it?

    Tarek1 Febbraio 2016
  • Tried installing Duckto R6 on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Get the “Dukto quit unexpectedly” error. Elsewhere in these comments it was mentioned that others have received this message and got around this problem somehow. Would anyone care to post what the fix was (details). Thanks.

    Moeen Chowdhary16 Marzo 2016
  • Hi Emanuale
    Is this project active? Do you plan some new features like bidirectional clipboard or “send url to browser”?
    I would like to donate (a humble donation).
    Greetings from Chile

    Agustin6 Aprile 2016
  • @Agustin I currently don’t have free time to work on Dukto right now, I hope to have more in the future…

    Emanuele6 Aprile 2016
  • Hallo,the app diesen starten in my Samsung Galaxy s7.Every Time i want to Start the App it just crashed.
    Ist really the First App of my Galaxy S7 that crashed that way.

    Andreas15 Luglio 2016
  • Emanuele…. non funziona su android 6… fai qualcosa!!!!!!!

    Jeff4 Ottobre 2016
  • Thank you

    mohan25 Gennaio 2017
  • ciao, l’interfaccia minimale, diciamo che per quel poco che l’ho utilizzato ho notato una bug che riguarda il trasferimento dati da pc(windows10)>asusZerfoneGO(android) e viceversa, praticamente ho un blocco del trasferimento se lo smarphone va in standby, ovviamente se lo sblocco poi riprende normalmente.

    marcello3 Febbraio 2017
  • @marcello non è un bug, si tratta di una limitazione della versione corrente di Dukto per Android.

    Emanuele3 Febbraio 2017
  • ciao, va in blocco alla partenza su android 6.1.1 samsung s7

    Stefano5 Febbraio 2017
  • Hello, i have installed Dukto on my laptop (win10) and pc (win7).
    Dukto worked al whole time and I can see PC and laptop in both windows, but now its not possible to send any file. In the window SENDING DATA dukto is connecting en then gives error code 7.
    Can you help me?

    Wil Mohren11 Luglio 2017
  • I don’t want to turn the firewall completely off. What network port(s) does Dukto use?

    Jim H.29 Luglio 2017
  • @Jim Dukto works on port 4644 both TCP and UDP.

    Emanuele30 Luglio 2017
  • From Windows 10 PC to the Android Tablet works. On the contrary, the words “Sorry, an error has occurred while sending your data … error code: 5”. I solved with a simple hardware modification for everyone and that does not require passwords and other soft-minchiate. I transfer the contents of the tablet into a USB stick and from this to the PC. The success of this application is practically close to 100% and therefore, in my case, well over 50% due to the app.

    Umberto22 Giugno 2018
  • Dukto R6 now works again with my Android Oreo on Galaxy S7, but I have little problem. When I try to select SD Card path app give me information “The selected folder appears to be read only” Any way to change this ? Please release newer updated version.

    Piotr28 Dicembre 2018

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